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Parent Portal (Focus)

In order to access your student's grades, you must sign up for a Parent Focus account through Duval County Public Schools. You may click on the link below, click on the Parent Sign Up, and complete the process.

1. Follow the on screen directions to complete the form.
Be sure you enter First and Last name and personal email address when creating the account.

2. If applicable, identify and connect your children to your account on the Student Information page by entering their school name, student ID#, and last name. (You must visit your child's school to verify your request.)
Note: You can connect all of your children within this one account. You do not need to create a separate account for each child!

3. Confirm your account information and click finish.

4. Go to the email account you used as part of the account registration to find an email from FIMservice@duvalschools.orgYou have 7 days to verify the account with the link in the email.

5. If you have connected to your child, after verifying your account through the email from you now have 21 days to have your child's school validate and approve the account by taking a photo ID to the school and have someone from the staff confirm your request.

Focus Login for All Users use Google Chrome


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communications on the go.