Curriculum Info

San Jose Primary's Curriculum Info

McGraw-Hill Math Program:

  • Curriculum is written by a team of teachers and mathematicians.
  • The program is sequential and systematic from pre-K through fifth grade.
  • Mathematical stories are embedded into the program. This combines math comprehension with important language arts skills.
  • A hands-on approach is at the center of this program. Class sets of math manipulatives help students work their way through the concrete/formal stages to the abstract.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA):

  • This comprehensive program teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • It builds vocabulary and knowledge using literature, history (World and American history) and the sciences.
  • The Listening and Learning Strand of CKLA emphasizes lesson activities, focuses on vocabulary acquisition, builds comprehension skills through interactive discussions during and after reading, and uses writing to extend and explore the texts and their content.
  • The Skills Strand of this curriculum is a phonics program designed to build decoding, fluency and writing/spelling.

Impact Social Studies:

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion take a center stage in this curriculum.
  • Students learn about people from diverse backgrounds and experiences in history. They will likely see themselves reflected in some of these studies, plus they will be exposed to new viewpoints, cultures and life experiences.
  • Students learn to construct meaning from unbiased informational sources.
  • Students learn to gather, analyze and synthesize information. These are skills that will be used across subject matters and throughout their K-12 education. This also leads to opportunity for further research and authentic learning experiences.

Amplify Science:

  • Units are focused on real-world problems.
  • Students investigate relevant questions using the scientific method.
  • Students learn to collaborate with classmates, create models and projects, and they learn to create and present solutions or explanations.
  • Hands-on activities, print materials and digital tools give students a wide range of learning experiences.
  • Each unit includes five age-appropriate student books. This program supports the development of vocabulary, language and reading comprehension while giving students a wide range of science-grounded experiences.
  • Amplify Science and CKLA were created by the same publisher, so the programs complement each other.