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School Lunch Advisory Board

Get Involved in School Lunch by through School Lunch Advisory Board!

The Food service director from San Jose Schools is looking to entice students to choose more fruits and vegetables at school lunch through the use of School Lunch Advisory Councils (SLACs). A SLAC is composed of a food service director, an educator, a parent and two to three students that work together toward a goal of implementing simple, low-cost strategies to encourage students to make healthier choices in the cafeteria.

SLAC will meet in the beginning of the school year and once a semester after that for a total of four times during the school year. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about making healthy food choices, implementing fun activities during the school year and creating surveys for students to help create the best meals for our student body.

If you are interested in joining out School Lunch Advisory Council please contact Christie Sullivan at christie.sullivan@boldcityed.org

Our first meeting will be the first Friday after school starts!


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