School Safety at San Jose Charter Schools

Bold City Education have full-time trained "Guardians" on-campus.  The Guardians Program is offered by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and it provides psychological and arms training for particular staff so they are especially able to handle an emergency situation.

The real key to success is prevention. Critical elements that are central to your child's safety include:

  • We offer a cyber civics class for all of our middle school students.

  • Cameras on Campus

  • New key control access installed at all doors.

  • A new panic system that communicates directly with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

  • Communication directly with parents via the website and our unique phone app.

  • Our small-school environment means that our staff really knows your child!

Additional security improvements to the campus structure are in progress. Bold City Education have gone above and beyond the requirements of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Safety Act, which was signed into law in the State of Florida on March 9, 2018. Click the link to view the summary of the bill by the Florida Senate. Follow the actions of the original Florida State Senate bill.